Letters "Exploding" and scattering on re-importing SVG into CAM software.

Hi, I am a very new user of Vectornator and have created a few test documents for export in SVG format specifically to upload to some CAM software to create engraving paths. (or for cutting)

The trouble is that I can’t seem to group the document parts in anyway to prevent the document “exploding” and looking comically as though our three year old granddaughter has tipped over her lego box! That’s if they import at all.

The Cam software in question is a little picky about what it sees, but svg’s generated from other applications have no issues.

Is there a setting that I’m missing (I try to ‘group’) or is there something fundamentally different about the output from Vectorworks.

I’d like to get it to work if I can, so thank you all in anticipation!

Further to the above :slight_smile:
The sentence “you are here” looks like this:

Sorted I think - thanks for all the help! :roll_eyes:

I have hopes for Vectornator, but in the complete absence of support I will wait and see!