how do i export SVG with Group id names intact?

I’m using vectornator to draw art asset components for a procedural art engine. When I export to SVG, I see the export retains the layer names, but it loses all of the group names that I labeled in vectornator. How can I get the SVG export to include the group names of all the groups I labeled?

If vectornator’s SVG exporter can only include layer names but not group names, this is very limiting for workflow. Seems like an easy fix? Please help!

Hi there @Ian,

So sorry to hear about this frustrating issue!

I have been able to reproduce this from my side and have logged a ticket with the QA team to investigate the matter.

As soon as I have any updates I’ll be sure to be in touch.


thank you! i’ve talk to a number of artists and designers who recommended vectornator but who all desperately wish their group names could be exported in the SVG.
imagine having to rename all your groups manually in the exported SVG, repeating the same labor over and over on every iteration or update or tweak… please help!

Any news on this Vectornator team?
It seems like such an easy fix. currently my team and I have to manually relabel every subgroup after every export, per every iteration, on every file. If you could fix preservation of group name in the SVG export, it would save us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over the course of a project, and most of all would make wanting to iterate designs with vectornator feel positive and not a chore. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Hi there @ian

Unfortunately I don’t have any updates to offer at this time. I’ll flag this issue with the team once more and will get back to you as soon as I have any news.

Kind regards,

Hi Team, Any update on this one? A much needed feature. Would appreciate if we can get this. Thanks.

Hey folks,

We’re very happy to share that this issue has been resolved! Please update to the latest App Store version to check it out.