exporting/importing issues: AI, SVG

Hi, I am working from my laptop and I currently have no where to convert my file to AI. I tried from the mobile version, since there were clearer directions to do this for that version, but nothing was happening as well. I also have a small SVG that is not importing (439 KB). Is it only possible for us to modify images in .vectornator format?

Hey @user60,

The Export Ai feature is only available for iOS Vectornator version. Are you experiencing any issues with exporting your file from the mobile version? May I ask to provide us with the files that cannot be imported and exported so that we can check them on our side?
You can upload them to https://wetransfer.com and share the link with us. Or you can write us an email to support@vectornator.io mentioning a link to this Forum post and provide us with these files.
Thanks :pray:

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I am experiencing a similar situation, in which, I have tried to import by every means possible my .ai artwork into vectornator. I get the canvas but nothing else. I can get a .jpeg to import but that is all. Tried a .pdf with no results either. I am on a Macbook pro running Monterey 12.6.1. Is there some thing I am missing?