Blend modes don't export properly as SVG

I’m not actually certain if this is a file type limitation or a Vectornator bug, but layers/layer groups with opacity and/or blend modes don’t export correcty for Vectornator on iPad.

To counter I currently write down their opacity/blend attributes, revert them to Normal 100%, export as a separate SVG, import that and the other parts of an image as two layers in say Photoshop on desktop, and re-apply the blend/opacity to the relevant layer and save from there.

Blend modes, as far as I know, aren’t something that native SVGs support.

Hey there @liambrazier,

@adion is spot on with their reply! Unfortunately, due to the nature of Blend Modes, we are unable to export them as true vector SVG files.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Ah, I worried as much. Thank you for clarifying! I shall revert to exporting as Ai files to solve.