SVG export missing masked items and blend mode

I exported a pdf and an svg version shown in these two samples. The svg version dropped out the masked arm on my character and dropped the overlay blend mode on the stripes in her skirt as well as other details which were also masked. Anyone have an idea why this happens? When I exported the SVG I used the default settings so Vectonator attributes was checked.

Hi there @zakcat,

Thanks for getting in touch and nice work on your brilliant piece!

Unfortunately, Vectornator does not support Blend Modes which would explain one of the issues you’re experiencing - Blend Modes are only supported via PNG, PDF or JPEG file formats. However, Masked items should be visible in the final export. Would you mind forwarding your file to me via DM so that we can take a look at what’s happening?


Thanks Helen. Here’s the file you requested.

Svgtest.vectornator (2.0 MB)

@zakcat Great, thank you! And could you also please confirm your OS and Vectornator version?

IOS ipad version 4.12.0

And could you please provide your iOS version?

Sure, it’s 15.6.1

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