Exporting and future save location

Hi, I have seen the recent memo about storing in linear cloud, so I want to export all of my files tostorage, but since I have a lot of stuff saved in linear cloud, I would like to batch export everything all at once. And finally to avoid problems in the future, I would like to switch default save location from linear cloud to iOS local st9rage

Hey @boldbydesign, we’re working on making file management smoother, but as of now, exporting files in batches isn’t an option, so you’ll need to export them one at a time.

Currently, all your work is saved in Linearity Cloud, and we don’t have an option to switch the default save location to the local storage. The good news is you can still work on your files offline, and they’ll sync up with Linearity Cloud once you’re back online. For more details on how this works, check out our guide here: Meet Linearity Cloud | Linearity.