Curve(Mac) Crashes on Removing Too Many Points

Hello! I’ve been using Curve for a little while, and needed to make a change to a large project that contains tons of points on a single curve.

Splitting this into multiple different curves appears to be impossible, because the scissors tool doesn’t split one object into two, so failing this I took to manually breaking the curve down into smaller bits by deleting points until I had what I needed broken down.

Whenever I remove a large number of points from this curve, the application crashes. It’s tough to estimate, but it seems that whenever I remove more than 15 or so points simultaneously, the app crashes.

Hey @3LabsChris , thank you for reaching out and sincere apologies for this frustrating issue. May I ask for more information regarding this crash?

Could you please share a crash report with us so that I can forward it to our devs as this will contain vital information that will greatly speed up the investigation?

To find crash reports:

iPad: open Settings → Privacy → Analytics&Improvements → Analytics Data → Scroll down to see crash reports named Linearity Curve-2023-(month)-(date)…

Mac: open the Console app → Crash Reports → Find Linearity process → right click and press ‘Reveal in Finder’ → attach this .ips file in your response to this email.

If you’ve received one, please email the .ips file to us. You can also send this information to I’ll personally take care of your request.

As for the Scissors Tool, could you please take a look at this topic and let me know if the advice from my colleague is helpful for you?

It does the same thing on my iPad Pro as well.

Hi again, do you have the same problem with the crash or with Scissors Tool behavior?

Hi Nadya, I jumped the gun on my previous response. I’ll send the crash report to that email address right away.

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