Easy repeatable crash

  1. Create a rectangle using the rectangle tool
  2. Use the radius tool to add radius to it.
  3. Open the curve in the style panel.
  4. Delete a few vertices from the end.


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out and detailing the steps. I tried following them, but I might be missing something since I couldn’t replicate the crash. A screen recording would be super helpful to get a clearer picture. Could you share one with us?

Thanks for helping us make Curve better!

Hey Eobet!

Thank you very much for your video. It really helps to understand the problem you found. Can you please confirm which version are you using? I am asking because I cannot reproduce this issue in the latest Apple Store version 5.2.2.

Thank you and best!

It was the last version which didn’t require a log in.

I was unaware that you changed the app to an online cloud based one (and the AI features are also dubious).

I’ve now uninstalled it and will stop recommending it.

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