Scissors tool won’t split path

When I click on a path and use the scissor tool to tap on a node, it won’t split the path and instead yells at me to “click on a path”. It’s super annoying and won’t let me use the scissors tool at all. Anyone else having this issue? I’m on an iPad.

Hi gracer, I think you’re right and scissors tool should be improved.
Thank you for the feedback.

To split the path, you need to click precisely on the edge of the path. To make it easier, you can activate an Outline Mode in the three dots menu. This mode hides all fills, strokes and other appearances, showing only the vector path.

After that try to click on the edge again to split the path.
Turn off the Outline Mode as a final step.

Hi! I tried your suggestion, but it still didn’t work for me :frowning:

Can you please provide app version and device?
To see the version of the app, go to the About screen from the Home screen, it’s in the context menu of the profile icon.