Is it possible to change which nodes are the start and end points

I have a simple closed path consisting of 6 nodes. I would like to “open” the path and remove one of the sides of my path, but the start and end points are in the wrong position. Is there a way to highlight a line segment and delete it, or at least change which nodes are the start and end point so I can use the “open path” button.

I’ve tried the “eraser” tool but that only adds nodes to the shape, which is not what I want.

edit: of course 5 minutes after I (finally) post the question I figure it out. I “reset” the start and end points of the closed path by using the scissor tool to “cut out” a small segment of the line I wanted to delete, then was able to delete the necessary nodes.

Hi there @george-frazee,

Glad to see that you solved your issue! Just to provide some additional information, another option may be to utilise the Reverse button.

The Reverse button inverts the end points of a given path. Simply select your path and tap Reverse while using the Node Tool . You can find more details as well as a demo here.