Smoothing node path along drawing

Hi everyone!

Workin on refining the node path and curious if there’s a more productive way of smoothing things out vs. deleting nodes, adjusting handles, etc. Once done, I send the image over to Autodesk Fusion to create tool paths for use on the cnc. Any tips or tricks you guys could share would be GREATLY appreciated. I’ll attach a couple screenshots for reference. First two are from Vectornator, last two are from Fusion showing the choppy outline or the nodes.

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poke poke
Any help would be appreciated!

I took the time to go through and manually adjust and delete the nodes. Looks much better now, but can’t figure out for the life of me how to automate the process or export a smooth, continuous path

I have this issue too.

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I am not sure if I understood your needs, but For quickly smoothing out vertices of polygons, Corner Radius seems to be a quick way to smooth out the shape, it doubles the amount of nodes though.

There is also Add / Delete Node option under Path options. Adding or deleting nodes preserves the shape as much as possible.

Thanks for the tips!! Don’t know that I want to introduce more nodes though. Problem is, once the file is in Fusion, each node is treated as a line segment. Each segment is then selected to dictate a tool path, for instance. The more nodes, the more selecting you have to do…

In the images you posted, are you able to convert all the nodes and vertices to 1 path? In other words, instead of the 8 nodes on the last picture, there would just be one continuous smooth path.

If you look at the screenshots I posted from Vectornator, the path is not smooth.If you look at the second SS without the nodes, it’s a bit easier to see. There’s sharp transitions at the node points vs. one continuous smooth path.

Does this help? I’m having a hard time explaining as I have no idea what the correct terms are haha

Thanks again for the help!!

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Also, the nodes were put in place by the Auto Trace function if that makes a difference…

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So glad it’s not just me!! Hopefully we can get it figured out. I spent several hours manually going through the drawing adjusting each node…

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you can minimize nodes and preserve most of the shape by subtracting node

But by nature of how Vector graphics work, I don’t think you can completely remove nodes for one continuous curve. I might be wrong though

Hopefully they can update to help your problem though!

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