Joining Paths Without Adding a Line Between Points

HI! I want to find a way to have ‘join paths’ work in the way it did before yesterday’s update.

I frequently need to join up two paths with overlapping points (as in, I’ve used ‘snap to points’ to get the end points in the same place, and then join them as one path), and with the way join paths now works, this adds an extra node that I don’t want, and I can’t find a way to have join paths work in the original way.

For context - I use Vectornator to design laser-cut jewellery pieces, with several interlocking and overlapping pieces. I often have pieces that sit on top of each other, and so if they share an outer edge, it needs to be exactly the same on both parts. That outer edge needs to be a continuous path in the vector file so that it can be read correctly by the laser cutter.

Usually to achieve this, I copy the section of the outline path that needs to be identical on both pieces, paste it in a layer above, use snap to points to line it up with the paths in that layer, and then join the paths to create the new piece. But now, Vectornator insists on adding another node where I’ve lined up the points, which more often than not creates a loop in the path that I don’t want. Deleting that extra node isn’t really an option, because deleting a node means the path changes shape, which is what I’m trying to avoid in the first place - not to mention deleting all the newly-created points takes extra time, as I need to do this a lot in each design.

Is there another way to join paths in the way that ‘join paths’ used to work?

Or am I able to select an option that allows me to use the updated ‘join paths’ feature WITHOUT Vectornator adding that extra line between the two points, even when the two points are in the same place already?

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi @myphanwy,

welcome to the Vectornator forum and thank you for sharing your issue in detail with us.

I forwarded your request to our QA team and we will investigate the issue as well as possible different workflows for joining paths. It is very important for us to hear feedback from our community in order to understand in which direction to move on. I will let you know once we developed different workflows.

Meanwhile, I can suggest you join our beta program to get access to previous Vectornator versions.

Thank you!