Can't copy/paste/edit a title in gallery

The menu (copy, paste, cut, share…) when editing a document title on gallery (long press on title), is not there anymore.

Hey @Yrostudio,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Have you already updated the app to v4.4.1?
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue, I can see the Widget menu when I long press on the document thumbnail in the Gallery.

We would be grateful if you can provide us with a video of the issue so that I can forward it to our QA team. You can upload it to WeTransfer and share the link with us or send it to

Thanks :pray:

yes, i already updated to 4.4.1.
That was pretty challenging to make some screenshots, has Vectornator is crashing every 5 seconds.

But here it is :

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 19.10.37

For example, you still have the menu inside a document.

In gallery, i have the same menu as you have (rename, …), but you can’t copy/paste anything in the title (like before), or even move the cursor to edit a part of the title. You can only delete it.

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 19.10.44


Hi Elie,

I have already created a ticket and forwarded all the information to our Quality Assurance team.
Will let you know as soon as I receive any news.

May I also ask you more about crashes? Did I understand correctly that crash happens every time you launch the app?
Could you please check if you received any crash report? Open iPad Settings->Privacy->Analytics&Improvements->Analytics Data-> scroll down to see crash reports named Vectornator-2021-11-… . In case you received one, please share this .ips file with us.


Hi Oksana, thanks a lot.
Sorry i can’t send you the crash report. Vectornator was crashing everytime, every 5/10 seconds while opening a document, creating a new layer, drawing something, … i uninstall vectornator has all my ipad was slowing down when it was running, even in background. That was probably the signal i was waiting for to go to a more professional tool.

I switch 2 days ago to Amadine, amazing piece of software and lukely i could finish the urgent work i had to do, just in time.

All the best, thanks a lot for these 3 amazing years of pleasure drawing on Vectornator !

I completely understand you have lost valuable time because of this issue, and that’s not acceptable. I will share your feedback with our team.

And if you decide to give us another try, we’ll be here for you anytime :white_heart:
Warmest regards,

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