Make it possible to duplicate/make a copy of a file within the gallery

On iPad it feels like there should be a duplicate option when you select a file in the Gallery. I know there’s a ‘duplicate’ function when you’re IN a file but that isn’t as intuitive.

Hi Liam/ @liambrazier, when I press-and-hold on a file/thumbnail in the gallery, I get a pop-up menu, which includes Duplicate.

I take it you’re not getting that? Hmm.
Have you been updating to the latest Vectornator? I think the latest minor iPad update was only a day or two ago.
Have you upgraded to iPadOS 15? I’m still running 14 (well, 14.8.1 as of this morning)


Hey @liambrazier,

As @ButlerToCats mentioned above, this feature is already available in Vectornator. Long press on the Document thumbnail in the Gallery. From the Widget menu, select “Duplicate”.

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YES. My oversight. It’s because I was entering Select mode first expecting the options to be there, but of course it’s a long-press!

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