When tap on files widget, Vectornator will open a new file instead of direct to the original location. Is this suppose to happen or a bug?

I think it’s one of the limitations of iPadOS.
All apps are “sandboxed” for security/safety reasons, and cannot interact with the rest of the “file system” directly.

You have:

  • the Gallery (under the app’s control, you can make changes to an item and re-save it)
  • import (anything imported creates a new file inside the app, as you’re seeing)
  • export/share (creates a new file outside the app)

Hey @mattmatt_mm :wave:
Thanks for reporting this issue.
We’re currently investigating it and will keep you posted as soon as we have an update.

Stay in touch.

Hi @mattmatt_mm,

May I ask to check out the latest update? This issue should be fixed now.
Please let us know if you’re still experiencing same problem.

Warmest regards,

Yeah I think it is fixed. Appreciate your hard work on the app.