File created on iPad not editable on MacOS Monterery (Apple Silicon)

I recently got a new MacBook Pro and want to use it to work on files I’ve created on my iPad Pro. However, when I open a file, nothing is selectable via the Selection tool. Even the Hand tool doesn’t work.

However, if I create a new file on the MacOS version of Vectornator, the tools work as expected.

If this isn’t a bug, what am I missing that needs to be done to allow files created on iPadOS to be editable on MacOS?

Thank you for your time.

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Hey @BeckettArt,

Very sorry for the issue you’ve faced.
Have you updated to v4.4.3 already?
Does this happen with any of your .vectornator documents created on your Pad Pro? May I ask you to provide us with one of these files so that I can check it on my side and share with devs if needed. Please feel free to attach it here. Or you can write us an email to mentioning a link to this Forum post and provide us with this file.

Thanks for your help🙏

Warmest regards,

Hi, I got this problem too, but for me seems that just the Mouse Click doesn’t work, because I can modify layers but using Arrow from the keyboard and selecting items at the layers menu.

I’m using a Macbook Pro 2019 with macOS Monterey and an iPad 8.

Hi @fguisso,

Thanks for reporting this issue.
May I ask a few more questions about this? Is this selection problem reproducible with any Vectornator document that you have transferred to your macOS device? Or maybe you think this issue is related to one specific file? Could you tell us more on how you transferred this file (using AirDrop, Email, iCloud, etc)?
We will be grateful for any information provided as it can speed up our investigation.

Happy ho-ho-holidays!

@Oksana, thank you for your quick response. Apologies for my late response; I’d assumed I’d receive an email notification letting me know someone had replied.

As for this issue, I went ahead and updated the MacOS app, the iPad app, and MacOS itself (to version 12.1).

My new files don’t have this problem, but my older ones do. However, if I edit an old one on the iPad and save, it’s now fully editable on MacOS. I’ve repeated this test with existing files and ones I’ve duplicated.

My best guess is an update must have changed how certain data is saved in the file, which is allowing them to be editable across both platforms.

@fguisso, try updating your apps (if they’re not already), then try making a small change to one of your files on your iPad, and let it sync between your devices. Hopefully, that solves the issue; it appears to have done so for me.


This metode doesnt worked for me. Edit or duplicate using iPad and send via AirDrop get the same issue.

For solve this I need to create a new file using Vectonator on iPad, copy and paste from the older file, then send this new file using AirDrop.

Hi @fguisso,

Just got a reply from our team.
We can suggest a workaround. To solve the problem, you should disable the “Draw only with Pencil” setting before sharing the file.
We’re already working on a fix. Please stay tuned.