Between iPhone & iPad: ok, it works! But then files refuse to re-open on my MacBook

I can create and work on files between my iPhone & my iPad (with iCloud), but I can’t open it on my MacBook.
I can also begin a file on my Mac, open and change it on my iPhone or my iPad, but then, I can’t anymore open it on my Mac…

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I just experienced the same while giving a demo to my students - they were not really impressed with vectornator also because of other bugs

Oh!? (I also read your report). It’s annoying because I was so happy with the ability to draw and work also on the go, on my iPhone, what is not possible with Affinity Designer, which I’m testing too, with no bug right now.

Yeah that is why I looked into Vectornator too.

But I came to the Realisation that it still is very glitchy and I cannot suggest it to my students

Affinity designer is significantly better - but it is also a different product and team size !

For this specific point of opening files into the 3 platforms, I think I haven’t the very last version (4.13.2) on my Mac but the 4.13.1, and it seems to work now! I’ve changed a file 10 times in my Mac, then iPhone, then iPad, then Mac, etc. it works!

That’s possible - I verified ghat I had all the updates running

Perhaps the app Gaphic would be the one for you. Or iDesign (xDesign on Mac). - I have both those two apps, Vectornator and Affinity Designer.

Both Graphic and iDesign/xDesign can be used on both Mac, iPad and iPhone. They don’t get much updates anymore, but they are very good and pretty bug-free, at least how I use them. They have one advantage extra over Vectornator and Affinity Designer: They can work with measurements and scales so they can be used for construction purposes. Both Vectornator and Affinity Designer are hopless in that regard. - But when possible I use Vectornator because the in-built help features are so great.

Start with Graphic. It really can do an awful lot once you get the hang of it.

I had the same issue this afternoon—I couldn’t open my Vectornator iCloud files on my Mac if the file was made on my iPhone or iPad.

I could create a file on my iPhone and open it on my iPad.
I could create a file on my iPad and open it on my iPhone.
I could create a file on my Mac and open it on my iPhone and my iPad.

But when I created a file on my iPhone or iPad, it wouldn’t open on my Mac. I would just get a message saying: The document “filename.vectornator” could not be opened.

Turns out I was running v. 4.13.2 on my iPhone and iPad but v. 4.13.1 on my Mac. Once I updated my Mac to 4.13.2, my iCloud files synced perfectly again.