My iPad 11’ open twice the app

No matter the version
I got this issue only with the Vectornator app, snot always but when happens when I reopen the app sometimes I lose the video export history or just work bad and don’t change to do it
I found the high and low space file option.So it’s not about that.

Hi @Javiersc,

Apologies for the issues you’re currently experiencing - I’d be happy to try to help.

Regarding the issue of Vectornator opening in split view/ being unresponsive when opened, I will log a ticket for this to be investigated. Would you please confirm which version of Vectornator you are using? I understand you said it occurs no matter what version you use - does this mean the issue was happening on previous versions as well as 4.8.2?

Regarding the Timelapse problem, could you please explain the issue in further detail or perhaps provide a screen recording so I can better understand what is wrong? Please note that if you have set Undo & Redo to ‘Optimised’ at any point while working a given document, Timelapse will only be capable of recording the most recent session, not the entire lifespan of the document. This feature will also be rendered unusable if you exceed 10,000 actions or your undo history reaches 25 MB on iPhone, 45 MB on iPad and 140 MB on macOS.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi, thanks for your answer, I start with these issues in May. I start with the double app screen. When I try to open a work in the menu, some how open again other vectornator in the same screen, or split and after close and reopen again all start working again. And was maybe with the release of version 8.0. In the last versions I really don’t work a lot with the software.

And with the timelapse I found that we can got 2 ways of work with vectornator one don’t keep history or timelapse capacity. so We can work with a light version, so I change to the big file option, because I love the work flow of my work in these little movies, but they fail a lot and in long works sessions some who always crash and close the app and loose the option, so when I reopen my file I only got export files for export, but in blank the timelapse export option. So it’s a Pitty I Ignore if maybe my iPad beacuse I choose the little one got the problem. because fir example with sketchup I got some how crash fails with my big format files… but for example Linea sketch with a pixel files always work great and I can keep this option and works like magic.

I really love you got this timelpase but maybe my mistake was choose the little ipad Pro, but I travel in bicycle and need small versions and not always the big screen work best for my life.

So I think always I got the bad iPad. For apps with more memory needs. And I found this option, hope can choose not optimized after start a new project and not when we start working because if we forgot we loose the start point of our works.

I take the time to open it, and now we got a double vectornator app active on my iPad.

Some how the app ignore the open session and let me go for other one, always when I click trying to open a work. it’s when I start record my screen. Not idea how to reproduce this anomaly

Hi @Javiersc,

Apologies for the delayed response - is this split screen issue still occurring for you?


Yes. Twice or more in a normal day, had to restart my iPad, so more time developed works more time that happens to me. But not any time I can work in the app, sometimes just be in the cycle of click and nothing happens

Hey @Javiersc, sorry to hear that this issue is still persisting for you.

I understand that you have restarted the iPad, however, this does not necessarily mean that the previously used settings will be reset. This would explain why, when you open Vectornator, the recent split-screen view is restored.

I recommend double-checking that all open Vectornator documents are fully quit - as there is a chance that every time a new document is being opened, it is being added to a pile of actively ‘open’ files. Also ensure that the Vectornator app itself has been quit. Here’s a video showcasing this:

Also, it may be of use to check out Apple’s support article regarding Split View which outlines how to launch and exit the mode.

If this doesn’t resolve the matter, please just let me know and we can take a deeper look!

Thanks for your answer, but… quit and reopen the app should be in off like close all the files and reopen only the one I want to fix it? Because sometimes doesn’t work. And suppose to be more faster solution, I assumed that close the file and reopen it should be in off, I got a little screen and still thinking it’s the problem my boss got the iPad Pro big version and never got any problem with my files. On the other hand he only saw the images never. Work on any. I try to record my sessions and again doesn’t work ok for me so I record the session on the screen, but sometimes I forgot to activate and loose this option. Any way will see what to do. Did you know a tool that tell me how the iPad memory it’s working? Like utilities in Mac OS.?

Hi @Javiersc,

Unfortunately I’m struggling to fully understand the issue you’re explaining. A new screen recording may be helpful to the team in solving the matter. Would you mind closing all active apps, restarting your iPad, starting a screen recording then launching Vectornator. If the problem occurs, then please send this screen recording here in the thread or via email at

It is very important for us to see a full screen recording which includes all steps from app launch onward in order to understand all details and hopefully reproduce the problem from our side (and eventually resolving it).

Regarding your iPad memory information, you can find full details as to locating these details here in this Apple support article.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

hi Helen, hope your ok, after a reflexión about when start with troubles with vectornator double app I try a fresh start and fix it, so move all my files to iCloud and deleted the app then download again vectornator and start like brand new install, so maybe between updates something happens and some how this help me to fix it, until now don’t got this issue, so let’s wait and let you know about it at the end of the next week or month.

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