I get Hacked a lot…

Ive pissed off a person.

The issues I’ve encounter are. Some artwork is missing. The auto trace feature which I loved, no longer works. It does not convert to vectors at all. The video does not record my process(yes, it is in the right setting). The gestures and shortcut menu that showed under an images no longer shows up. The selection tool does not select. The pen tool as of late is looses it drawing skills, and so does the pencil tool. To select the vectors to be i have to use the right hand dropdown, not on the artwork. The scissor tool has never separated anything. Can’t select layer or copy them into another artwork, because those selected layers disappear. Bluring a layer shrinks it. The gradient menu disapears and re appears. The brush menu sometimes is not available and is not because im not in the right setting. Right now i cant use my app because it has so many issues. Need a re-boot. Or something to get all those things working.

Thanks for your time, i love this app. Have a good day.

Forgot, to add the circle that you press for some features I’ve never been able to use, since it was disabled almost since i got the app.

Hi @TheSpiritualArtist,

So sorry you have to to deal with all these issue. Are you using Vectornator on your iOS or macOS device? Have you already updated the app to v4.6.2?
We would appreciate if you can provide us with videos of the issues so I can pass them on to the QA team. This is one of the best ways for us to see what is happening on your side. Please try to attach a short video that includes both the issue and the steps you took before encountering it.

Check this page to find more information on how to take a screenshot or screen recording: iPad: Take a screenshot or screen recording on iPad - Apple Support

We would like to improve our tool for you, but we have to ask for your help in reproducing these problems.
Please stay in touch.


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