Duplicating files and keeping track of versions

Vectornator is a great design tool, but it’s file management is infuriating. There’s no ‘Save as’ feature, so it makes one think that it will operate like other Apple programs on the Mac with the ability to duplicate and rename files. But it does not follow Apple standards properly. And you can’t return to a previous version within a file (like the user interface makes you think you’ll be able to).

Is there any documentation that explains exactly how Vectornator recommends handling multiple versions of files? Or could you just add a ‘Save as’ button?!

Hi there @robarb, although Vectornator does not offer a Save As feature per se, the creation of multiple versions is certainly possible.

While your file is open, hit Shift-Command-S to duplicate your file. From here you can save to your preferred location under your desired file name.

Hope this helps!

Hi, Helen.

I appreciate the quick response, but I would like to suggest two changes to make the experience feel more like it complies with modern standards:

  1. After choosing Shift-Command-S to duplicate a file, the name should be modified (e.g. add ’ copy’ to the end). Because the file name isn’t changed, it makes the user think that pressing Command-S to save will automatically overwrite the original file, rather than allowing the user to change the name first.

  2. Like in many other applications, allow the user to rename the duplicated file by clicking in the title bar or with a ‘Rename’ menu item.

Thank you.


No problem @robarb, happy to help.

Thank you for your suggestions, I’ll take note of them and pass them onto the team for consideration :smiling_face: