Saving files on Mac

I keep getting message saying autosave is not working and I am unable to save my files. This appears to be a permission issue. but I can’t resolve the issue. I have set the permissions on the folder to be full read
and write for anybody.

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Hi there @swoodland,

Would you mind sharing your device model, OS and Vectornator version?

Also is this impacting all of your files or just a few?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

iMac retina 5K 27 inch Mid 2015 OS Big Sur 11.7 Vectornator 4.10.4. this seems to affect all my files. Another little gremlin is that the Stroke start and end drop down don’t show icons if you want I’ll try to screen shot this.

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I’m having the same issue. I’m using MacOS Big Sur version 11.7 on a 2016 MacBook pro.

Hi folks,

So sorry to hear this issue continues to impact you. We are working on finding a solution but in the meantime:

  • If you could please forward the diagnostic files from one such document, that would be greatly helpful.
  • An option that has worked for fellow users facing this issue, is to save files to the sandbox or alternatively grant global disk access.

As soon as we have any developments on this problem I’ll be sure to update this thread :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. A real show stopper!
Granting global disk access did not work.
Where can I find the “diagnostic files” that you mention?
Is this the file with the same filename but a cryptic extension? If so, the uploader here does not allow me to upload such a file because of this cryptic extension…

Hi, i m also having the same bug. The message says that i have no permission to write or change my own work, and suggest me to duplicate it - i did, and the problem starts again and again in the copies files. Impossible to work on. I can’t even close the original file as it only gives me the possibility to delete it. It’s very upsetting and time loosing. How can it be ? I can’t delete my work and loose it. Have you got a solution ? I work in a MAC Book PRO and did recently un suggested upgrade to vectonator last version.

Hi folks,

While the team continues to investigate this issue, it has become evident that the cause likely lies with Big Sur. Therefore we recommend, if possible, updating your OS.

If any additional details become available, I will update here in the thread.



I am having the same issue, and I’m running on Big Sur 11.7.1 the thing is that I cannot update my computer to Monterey (as my computer is too outdated). So this is driving me crazy.

The only workaround I was able to think of, was to save the files to my Vectornater iCloud folder. the problem with this though, is that I have limited space.

So if anyone has other workarounds please post them.
Thank you very much!