Add option "Do not save changes" when closing Vectornator

Firstly, thank you so much for this program, I love it, and I love how you are doing it.

This post is a mix of bug reporting and feedback - I hope that works OK for you.

In short:
What is missing for me is the option to not save changes when closing the program. And, in addition, when closing the window from “File”–>“Close”, it could prompt with a choice to save or not, rather than saving automatically.

Full story:
I got into an issue on Mac today, as I was doing some changes on an object, suddenly all kind of changes took place on all my objects. It seemed as if my outlines suddenly turned into strokes with much bigger widths. Strange thing was, I could not ‘undo’ those unwanted changes. I could undo moves that happened before that, but the unwanted changed remained, as if they were somehow layered over everything.

So, since I did not save the document after opening it I decided I’m just gonna close the program, discard changes, and then I can reopen the file, and everything is back to normal…

But when I wanted to close the program, I only got the choice to either “Save” or “Cancel”. Canceling just brought me back to the twisted image, and I definitely didn’t want to save the changes.
So I looked around for options, and I found the “Close” option under the “File” menu, and went for that one, thinking that changes probably wouldn’t be saved… The window closed, and, to my surprise, all the changes were saved anyway, even though I didn’t ask them to be saved. So I had to redo all the work from my initial sketch.

From then on, every time I am happy with changes I made, I first save the file, and then I copy the file so I have a backup, in case something unexpected and unwanted happens. It works, but it is not so practical.

Hi there @Mads and welcome to the Community Forum!

I have moved this post under Bug Reporting as it seems like a slightly more appropriate category.

Would you mind providing further details regarding your Vectornator version, OS and whether you have experienced this issue across multiple files or just one? If the issue reoccurs, it would be great if you could forward a screen recording or example of the work before and after the sudden, unwanted changes.

The inability to undo some actions could be related to your storage selection - please open a document in Vectornator → FileStorage

If it is set to ‘optimized’ then undo history will be cleared after each session. If this is not the case, and your storage is set to ‘default’ then please let me know and we’ll take a deeper look into things.


Hello Helen

Thank you for the reply.

I’m running Vectornator on macOS Monterey Version 12.4, and I’ve been running the latest update of Vectornator (just updated today to 4.8.3).

I have experienced this issue a few times on different files. In all cases, every single element of my work changed at the same time, but in slightly different ways. Some elements would increase in thickness, and others would change color or turning from colorful to black. I finished the work I did on Vectornator for now, but next time I need to use it, I can do a screen recording, as see if I can catch it in action for you.

The strange thing about undoing actions was, that I could undo and redo all actions, which took place before and after the error, but the effect of the error was not undone, even though I used the undo function beyond the step where the error took place… I will try to schematize for you:

Imagine I perform a set of actions, and then the error happened, and then I did some more actions:
Action1 → Action2 → Action3 —> Error → Action4 → Action5

From being at Action5, I could undo actions all the way to Action1, but the error was not reverted, and all my elements were distorted. So to me, this could mean that it was not an action, which created the error, but a change in the structure of the entire file?

I understand it can be hard to troubleshoot from what I am able to give you, but I wanted to share it to give you a heads up on the issue. I will get back to you if I catch it.

I have this same problem. ‘File - Storage Options’ is set to ‘default’. The only way to get out of a file without saving is to Force Quit. Not ideal.

save, save as and don’t save - before returning to the gallery seems essential to me and much appreciated - maybe not so hard to implement?