lost important file after closing program (no save file before closing prompt)

I imported an important file from my iPad to my Mac’s downloads folder and then moved it to the vectornator’s “drawings folder”. I opened the file on Vectornator, no modifications were made to the file in the program. I closed it and then I tried to find the file and it seems to be gone.
How can I recover it? I didn’t accidentally delete it, the program didn’t prompted me to save the file before closing either. It simply closed and the has disappeared. Vectornator on the Mac used to crash causing data to be lost but since a few updates the problem was solved. this feel odd and I don’t know what to do. are files cached in a temporary folder somewhere?

Hello @osunakvn, welcome to the community! I have a couple suggestions for you to try and find that missing file.

  • Check the drawings folder in finder

  • Check recently deleted on your Mac, it could’ve wounded up there

  • Check ‘Recent’ In finder, If you opened the file recently, it might be there.

Thats all I have for you at this stage, I might find other workarounds though.
Hope this helps!

Hi @osunakvn,

By default, your .vectornator files are saved inside: Finder > Documents > Vectornator > Drawings. Can you please check this folder? May I ask what was the format of the file you imported into the “drawings” folder?

I also recommend checking the recent files as @Vecto mentioned above.

Let us know if you were able to find your file.

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