My file disappeared

Hi. Just before I opened up a Vectornator file to continue working on. I worked on it for an hour or so, and decided to save it. I had it in a specific folder, and thought I’d just overwrite the file. I do that and go ahead and close the file. But a warning pops up telling me to save. Now I though it was weird since I just saved the file. But instead of ignoring it I decide to just save it again. I again get the "do you wan’t to overwrite “file.vectornator”, but that time I click no and rename my file just to be sure. I save it, but Vectornator hangs up and stops responding. I quit the app thinking it will be fine. So I go into the folder where I saved the file to double check if everything went smoothly, but the file is gone. I kinda panicked and looked everywhere for it. I even downloaded a file recovery program, Disk Drill, but nothing. I installed their kernel extension and did a deepscan. Still didn’t find it. It’s not in the bin; it’s nowhere to be found. Can anyone help me with this issue?

I’m so sorry for the issue you have faced.
By default, your .vectornator files are saved inside: Finder > Documents > Vectornator > Drawings. Can you please check this folder?
We’re also investigating one issue related to the file saving process and making it a top priority. I will keep you posted as soon as I get any news about release with fixes.


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