Support for Apple Shortcuts on iOS and MacOS to apply changes on multiple files

Many people like me uses Vectornator in his daily work, and very often (almost every time) the same modification must be made to hundred of files. It is VERY tiring to open, modify, save each file for hundred of times. Hours are spent in a task that with a simple Shortcuts script can be automated in minutes.
For example the new tracing option is VERY good, and we are tempted to convert all our png icons in svg with that. But such work would take days done by hand, while doing the tracing to a batch of files using a simple shortcuts script would be awesome.
You can start exposing the tracing and the merging and saving actions to Shortcuts for a start. Then you will slowly expose them all.
Please, this is the very feature that would make Vectornator a must for professional artists (usually using iPad) and devs (usually using a Mac).
Thanks in advance.