When I try to open Vectornator, It goes strait to the forum.

When I try to open Vectornator It goes strait to the forum, And when I Try to close the forum, It force closes Vectornator. When I restart My iPad and try to open It again, It also goes strait to the forum.

Maybe try closing the app?

From the iPad “desktop”, drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen and hold in the middle for a second or two, then release, to show small versions (about 1/6 screen size) of all the “running” apps.

Drag (or flick)the Vectornator window (make sure its title is actually Vectornator) off the top of the screen to “close” it.

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Note: if the icon background is circular, it’s a web shortcut (bookmark), not the actual app.


Hi together!

@Vecto thanks for raising this issue. Did @ButlerToCats approach solve your problem? We will take a look into the bug anyway.
@ButlerToCats many thanks for your great response!

Talk to you soon!

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Thanks @ButlerCats It Fixed it!