Undo not working since last update

Since the last update undo almost doesn’t work at all. No steps are registered to be able to undo, eventhough I am working continually.
Anybody else has this problem?

Hi there @IBDJ,

So sorry to hear about this issue and I’d like to look into it as soon as possible so it would be great if you could answer the following:

  1. Please confirm your device details (model and OS) and Vectornator version.

  2. Does this impact all files or specific files?

  3. Are your your Undo & Redo settings set to ‘default’ or ‘optimised’?

  4. Does this undoing issue impact files you’re currently working on or older files that you had closed, reopened and then began working on again?

If possible, it would be extremely helpful if you could catch this occurring via a screen recording also.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Thank you for getting back to me @Helen I will look in to these questions and get back to you :blush:

Hi @Helen
My device is iPad Pro 3rd gen with iPadOS 16.1 (20B5072b).
Is was impacting all files, but resolved as soon as I set Undo to default. I hadn’t noticed it was on optimised. And that is a bit too optimised for my liking :sweat_smile:
But thank you again.

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