Writing this on a iphone using vectornator 4.10.1
Question is the IOS on iPad Pro first generation maybe an up and coming in the next few days perhaps ?
Sitting on a bus today and making shapes.
Later at home airdropped image to iPad Pro first generation
And it says error need to update vectornator on iPad.
No update. Have checked and currently running VECTORNATOR version before the iPhone version 4.10.1
Apologies if I have jumped the gun here.

Hi there @Rob,

Would you mind sharing what OS your iPad is currently running? Also could you confirm whether this issue occurs with all files that you try to edit using Vectornator on your iPad or does it only impact this individual file?


Hello Helen,
Apologies late response.
Issues were IOS iPad update for Vec took a few more days, then the iPhone.
iPad Pro update for vec came and I installed and everything is Tickety boo Regards Rob

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That’s great news, thanks for the update :slight_smile: