.SVG upload to Figma paths

hello. does anyone have issues with uploading .svg files on figma? for some reason, the path types sort of change? (not sure if i described it well, but if you can check from the screenshots below)

from this (vectornator):

to this (figma):

even when i export as .ai, save as .svg, and then upload to figma, i still have this problem. but it only happens with lines, though. no problem with the shapes. if anyone has a solution to this, please let me know. thank you!

Hey there @arkyoodetoo,

Apologies for the late response!

The root of this may be in the type of SVG that Figma supports. Vectornator uses 1:1 SVG profile and in the instance that Figma uses a different version, the resulting image may be altered in ways similar to what you have noticed.

I’d recommend contacting Figma to confirm if this is the case and if not, feel free to reach out again and we’ll take it from there!