Export to figma via copy/paste

Dear Vectornator Community,
I would like to create icons and decorative elements in vectornator and directly export them to figma.
I tried to copy single layers or paths with cmd + c and paste them into figma with cmd + v
Sadly the vectors then appear as a pixel based images inside of figma.
See Video

Is this intentional? Is there any setting that allows me to copy paste the actual svg code over into figma?

I’m aware that I can export an entire frame as an svg and then import it into figma, but I find this workflow more time consuming and less elegant as the proposed solution above.

Tried on Vectornator: Version 4.12.0 (20221214151805) (MacOS Monterey)

Hi there @lucca,

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I’ve consulted with the team on this topic and been informed that the root of this issue doesn’t lie with the way in which Vectornator exports copied content, but in the way that Figma imports that content.

The importer, in this case Figma, determines which formats it supports and unfortunately, it appears our vector content gets interpreted as an image when pasted. Based on this, I’d recommend reaching out to Figma support and inquiring if any steps can be taken.

Best of luck with the matter,

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