Request: Paste vector objects as vectors!

I’m trying to find a replacement for Graphic (formerly iDraw), which seems to be abandonware. I’d like to use Vectornator, which just feels more Mac-like than Affinity, but it’s a big pain to try and bring in my old Graphic files.

To do a quick/dirty import into Affinity, I can just open a .idraw file in Graphic, select everything, copy, and paste into Affinity. Everything just appears correctly, including text boxes with wrap.

If I try and do this in Vectornator, it only pastes the clipboard content as a single rendered image.

Exporting/Importing via PDF or SVG doesn’t work well because it breaks bigger text objects into a bunch of one- or two-word text boxes. This seemingly isn’t Vectornator’s problem though. Either it’s a wonky export on Graphic’s part or a limitation of the format, since text boxes aren’t preserved when bringing those formats into other apps.

Anyway, I’m sure there are other possible use cases where someone might be working with shapes or text boxes in another app and want to quickly bring them into Vectornator via copy/paste. And since it seems like the Mac clipboard supports it, I figured I’d throw it out there as a suggestion.

Thanks for listening!