no import of raster files (pdf, ai) on MacM1

Hi all,
I tried this app on my MacBook M1, I never succeeded importing/opening raster file (either pdf or ai files) , I tried from the menu “open” or using drag&drop sequence.
I’m on macOS Monterey version 12.3.1 and using the latest upload from the AppStore Version 4.7.2 (22665).
Is there any misconfiguration ?
I mention that I’ve tried with several different raster files …
Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @Phil and welcome to Vectornator Forum, can you share with us the pdf please?

Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your quick email. I succeed loading the pdf files :-), my question was incorrect.

I made a mistake as I thought that eps files (my confusion was there) were accepted, but I read too quickly the pop-up notice when importing …. Sorry for this disturbance !

But I took this opportunity to ask a question.

Is it possible when your document is ongoing or finished to reduce the size of this document ? For instance, I created a blank A2 document but then I have the outer part of the document that is not filled and it seems better in the end to reduce this document to an A4 size doc …

My concern is because I copy/paste elements from various inputs which come from different document sizes.

It seems that the copy/paste is only possible if the target size of the document is greater or equal to the original copy document… I might be wrong, but that’s the reason why I choose a much wider blank scratch document to avoid this « none copy » behavior … For raster output it doesn’t matter, but for bitmap output, I need to open a third party software to crop my image … not a big deal, but a bit of waste of time…

Hope I’m clear with the above question ??? :wink:


Don’t worry.

You have 2 ways:

  1. Resize the document
  2. Select all elements and resize them

Take a look at the video.

:+1: I try the first option,

before I do not notice that I needed to fully unzoom and click the text on the top left corner to activate the global selection of the document … Thanks a lot for your fast solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am glad that I have been useful to you. I wish you a nice day.

my learning curve has made a bump today :pray:

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