can't operate on imported pdf files

Hello Together

I did attempt several time to import a pdf file but I wasn’t able to select any object (text or lines); I attempted to import the file on other software (e.g. Inkscape) and it works.
The pdf has been generated form a music notation software (.musx), but should not be a problem since I’ve always been able to operate on pdf files generated this way.
Thank you for your assistance.

May I ask what happens after tapping on the objects? There’s a chance that these objects have been grouped or masked. Could you please check this for us? You will see “M” or “G” in the bottom right corner if objects have been masked or grouped.
Any video of this problem might help us to better understand it.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Dear Oksana
thank you very much, the entire page was masked.
Still, the software shows issues with fonts as you can see in the two pictures (original pdf and pdf opened in Vectornator):

  • it sees some glyphs of the same font (blue example) but not all;
  • other case, the software displaces the position of the glyphs (violet example);
    The fonts are installed in my Mac, and I tried to “import” the fonts in Vectornator but I didn’t find a pathway.

Unfortunately, we do not support glyphs in Vectornator at this time and cannot guarantee that the position will be saved after importing files into the app.
You can add “Glyphs for fonts” feature request in the Ideas & Feedbacks category if you would like to see it implemented in future.
Stay in touch.