PDF - Buggy Import and Bad Performance

Would be great If drag and drop worked properly and you could see if importing started.
Also the import of larger PDF’s makes Vectornator almost unuasable (slow response) with all the components, maybe there could be a way to import a pdf, if you just want to draw on it but not actually manipulate…
Other than that very pleased with the software…

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Yes, I am finding that dragging and dropping custom templates from the library rarely seems to work. And when it does I have had an issue with the image being extremely large. I needed to find it from behind the artboard and get it into a position where I could reduce its size in the style inspector. And it still doesn’t look exactly right but is probably usable.

But most of the time this item won’t drag on to a couple different documents. Not does there appear to be a way to select it from the library and copy it.

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Hi @PaulyCC and @user96 thank you both for reporting this and I’m sorry the PDF import is not working as you would have liked it to.

The team is looking into it and we hope to introduce some improvements on this regard in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding!