Shapes move when exporting to PDF

For a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that a current document I’m working on has an issue when exporting to PDF - Certain shapes seem to move in the PDF preview as well as in the PDF file. After trying various different things to solve the issue, I found out what is causing it.

After making a shape and filling it with a single color, I would then change it to add more colors within it. The issue only presents itself when you change the transparency of a color in the shape - it could be completely transparent or the tiniest percent transparent. I tried this with only 2 colors in the shape and the issue persists.

Here are some images of my findings:

Solid shape filled with 1 color

Solid shape filled with transparent multiple colors

PDF preview with transparent shape shifted

Solid shape with multiple non-transparent colors

PDF preview with non-transparent shapes

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Exactly! Thank you for making it more concise! Hope it gets fixed soon

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