Exporting gradient element to PDF seems off

I added a layer of gradient rectangle box on top to make it appear like shadow. The position looks fine but when I try to export it to PDF, it looks different, even in preview. If I export to PNG it is okay but I need it in PDF. Please help. I tried to restart my ipad too

it doesn’t work. (Ipad air 4)

Hi there! I think your having the same issue I’m having. If you changed the color transparency within a shape, when exporting to PDF, the shape will shift/resize. I also reported the bug with images of my issue in hopes it’ll be fixed. :+1: We’ll see what happens! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey @user13 and @SBgirl04,

May I ask if this export issue still reproduces in the latest update? If so, can we ask you to share this file with us (only for testing purposes)? Please feel free to attach it here. Or you can write us an email to support@vectornator.io mentioning a link to this Forum post and provide us with this file.
More information about your device and OS version might also be helpful.
Thanks :pray:


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Hi @Oksana,
Thank you for reaching out! I went back to the old file and it seems as though the issue has been resolved with the update. I tried recreating the issue in a new document but it no longer comes up. Thanks again!