Please allow centre-oriented text expansion similar to Photoshop!

I’m using Vectornator to make labels for my market products, which involve a rectangle, logo, and various text groups. I have different kinds of bottles/jars/boxes these labels are intended to end up on, and when I’m creating new products I try to save time by working from previous labels.

However, in many cases I’ll need to upsize or downsize my fonts in order to fit bigger or smaller labels. Currently, having to drag to expand a text box followed by guessing the new font and then having to recentre it in line with the rest of the elements around it (as changing the box and font size will take it off centre) is a major pain & waste of time. Ideally I’d just be able to hold SHIFT+OPTION and drag the corners of the text box to expand both the box, and the size of the text within it, to larger or smaller dimensions as required.

This is the way it works in Photoshop, and currently how it works in Vectornator for resizing images from centre. Can we please expand this feature to text as well? Thanks so much!! Otherwise a great product that I very much appreciate!

The “Scale” tool should be able to accomplish this, although I agree it’s definitely not ideal.

If what you need works with images , then I guess converting text into image by (creat outlines from text tool) can be a solution .