Selecting/moving text

I have 5 discs overlaid (to give the impression it’s a single blue disc with 2x thin white rings on it). On the innermost/smallest disc I have some text (4 separate text boxes). Because the larger lower text box is square (or rectangular), the text overlaps the smaller ‘ring’ in places (lower down).

The only way I seem to be able to select the text is with the Selection Tool - the Text Tool does nothing. The Vectornator website says: “If you want to instead edit a specific word or paragraph in your text box, double tap and then drag to select the specific word(s).” I thought this would allow me to ungroup selectively and move left/right a line of text to fit the disc. This doesn’t happen - I can’t select anything. I can select the text, then choose ‘Ungroup’ from the sidebar, but that seems to only allow me to then select individual letters, when I want to select a line (or just a few words), as one ‘unit’.

How do I do this?

Hi @Cap and welcome to Vectornator Forum, can you upload a picture of your draw please? Honestly I’ don’t understand what is your problem.
Thank you advanced.

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Ah! Yes, I meant to do that… Can text be set to ‘fill’ a particularly shaped space? I ended up using a different app for the text - selecting one line at a time and adjusting the length to fit the space. With Vectornator all I could seem to do was select one character at a time.

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Honestly, I still don’t have a clear idea of your problem and I don’t know if this could be useful. You can create Outlines from Text Size in this way and manipulate the characters how you want.

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Yes, I managed to do that (not intentionally!) What I wanted to do was multi-select words on a single line within a paragraph so I could move the whole line left/right independently (or add/delete a word) so it fitted the space.

You can try to manage the kerning, tracking or line height.

You can arrange the text if you use the handles of text box.

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Is there a way to select a line of text though, instead of individual characters? I certainly couldn’t find a way. Maybe I would have to create a text box for each single line of text within the block of text, then I could move it and add/remove words as required?

If you want move away two text lines in the same text box you can use Line Height or you can also create one text box for each word/text line.

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As it’s the left/right adjustment I need, an individual text box for each line of text seems the only way.

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I hope I have helped you. Nice day :laughing:


Apart from separate text boxes for each line, you have some manual control of alignment by using “hard Enter” (using the Enter key rather than relying on “soft” word wrap) at the end of the previous line and entering spaces at the beginning of the next line.

A little tedious, but a useful workaround in some circumstances, and it works within a single text box.

Yes, text alignment is currently only a total box setting.
No, text conforming to a shape is not currently an option in Vectornator.