pasting an screenshot into Vectornator doesn't

grab a screenshot
copy it
open Vectornator
create a new document

Note: An error dialog comes up, "Could not coerce an item to class Ullmage.”

Expected: copy from a screen capture should be able to paste into Vectornator.

Hey there @vectormector,

Would it be possible to forward a screen recording of this incident?

Also, it would be extremely helpful if you could please provide your device model, OS and Vectornator version as these all may be pertinent factors.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

My bad. I usually include that info.

iOS 16.3
Vectornator 4.12.2.
IPad (Gen 9)

Do you really need a screen recording? The directions are pretty clear and concise. I used to write bug reports for a living and try to write reports so someone with a basic knowledge of an iPad can reproduce the problem. If you can’t follow the steps or can’t reproduce the problem, please let me know.

Hey there @vectormector,

Thanks for the extra info!

We often request screen recordings where applicable in order to make bug reports as detailed and robust as possible as this can really speed up investigation times. Don’t worry, I’ve already gone ahead and logged this issue so it’s in our system - but any extra details are always helpful!

Unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to reproduce from our side so far, but after the team look further into the matter and I have any updates, I’ll post here in the thread.


Sheepishly, UE - User error.