No hand in the toolbar? How else to pan without accidental resize/rotate?

I’m looking for the Hand as a way to pan around the image without accidentally pinching/zooming/rotating. According to the online documentation, it should be there in iOS 13.4 or above. I’m running iPadOS 14 and I don’t have the hand or the magnifying glass.

How do I get the Hand tool? And/or is there another way to lock in size and rotation when panning around the image?

Found it. Turns out you have to back out all the way to the main menu and find it as a something you can enable in a setting buried several layers deep under preferences and settings submenus. This was not intuitive to me, since there are settings accessible when you’re working on a project, so I didn’t even know there were more settings elsewhere to look for.

Hi @ironicsans,

We’ve recently made some changes and added the ability to Customize tools.
Thanks for raising this topic. I will share your feedback with our Product team.

Warmest regards,