Zoom / Arrow controller is hidden

Hey team, this feature is normally sitting at the bottom right corner of the screen. On iPad this area is covered with the hand (right handed artists), leaving the feature unusable. Sometimes this feature moves to the top right corner, I think when there may be artwork too close to it, unsure though.

Would it be possible to position this feature at the top right or top left so we can always see it and interact with it? We would be able to see the zoom to pixel at all times while we work, and interact with the arrows when needed.

As a plus, could we change the value of those arrows? Sometimes one click with the pencil on an arrow is too much leaving no option, if we had a controller to increase or decrease this value it would be very useful.

I agree, the magnification tool as it is currently impractical. In my opinion, it needs several additional features in order to be used to its fullest potential.

Interaction/ manual scaling of the magnifier would definitely be benifishal.