Move the “zoomed view” feature on IOS

I apologize as I don’t know the technical name of it but when using my Apple Pencil as a right handed person, I cover the “zoomed point” pop up that shows where you’re moving the node with my arm. Having an option to move this to the bottom middle of the screen would help see it for both right & left handed people using on iPad with stylus/apply pencil.

Try this on iPadOS…Activate the ‘zoom view’ by clicking the Node tool and then dragging any node. While dragging, tap on the zoom view with one finger and drag upwards. Either the finger tap or the drag seems to move the zoom view to the top right corner of the screen.

This works, but is fussy. Sometimes it takes several tries. Try simple taps, also try a tap/drag gesture. Unfortunately the new position is not ‘sticky’ (i.e. it does not persist between launches of your document). You must reposition the zoom view each time you open your document.

BTW, I discovered this by accident. I searched all the online documentation and tutorials without success.

Works for me…hope it works for you too…