Lower Battery usage

Hey everyone!
I am always using more or less the same setup (brightness, music, headphones, volume, …) for working. Using Pocreate Pocket, I am consistently getting about 14 to 16 hours out of a 100% charge on iPhone mini 13.
Using Vectornator, however, this gets down to 7,5 hours.
That’s about twice the battery usage.
It’d be great if this was reduced.
It’s quite the severe issue, which is why I try to use Vectornator for as little time as possible. Which is a shame, because it has become quite the capable software over the last years.
Not sure that’s one of the main points of battery usage, but I am especially noticing a considerable lag when refocusing on the app, which I’m doing a lot for importing reference sketches from Pocket or Files.app in order to outline them. This even happens when going back from opening and closing the control center.
Also note that I’m really not doing anything fancy. Just some outlining , setting a stroke and color with alpha, not even a fill.
Best wishes,

I just updated to 4.10.3 and I can confirm the battery usage is much higher the more I suspend and reopen Vectornator. If I keep working with Vectornator, I may get about the same time as with Procreate. If I suspend it once in a while, I get about 50% more battery usage and when suspending it frequently, it’s about 10% increased battery usage.