Vectornator restarts after leaving


I was using vectornator for designing and left it for 2 minutes maybe, then I came back to continue my design but it restarted -I mean vectornator-.

I had to reopen project every time I leave vectornator to copy a speech I want to write or save a picture…

This could be difficult and waste of time especially if the project is in a folder…


  • I didn’t remove vectornator from recently open apps list.
  • The changes have been saved.


  • iPhone 11
  • iOS 15.4.1
  • Vectornator 4.8.5

Hello @n4bi , I belive that the issue that you are encountering is something to do with apple’s background app refresh. Something that you could try if you are still encountering this issue, is turn it off for Vectornator, or turn it off in its entirety.