Latest update has some issues

The new update….setting the grid, no matter what I enter the grid size doesn’t change. If I turn it off and turn it on again it defaults to .01, which is ridiculously small. If I change it, nothing happens.

Why is it so important to use linearity cloud when iCloud works just fine. I feel like I’m being pushed to migrate my work to this new cloud service that I have no confidence in so far. What would be bad is if some future update led to me losing all my work, and I’m sure everyone would be really sorry, but that wouldn’t bring my work back. Apple has developed a robust cloud service that syncs my stuff across all my devices. Can we not have the option to stick with iCloud initially until we know your cloud service will be stable with updates? Because the app itself hasn’t been. I still have to close it out completely every 15 minutes or so because it slows down to the point of being unresponsive, and now I can’t adjust the grid size and will, no doubt, have to wait 3 weeks until the next update. If I sound unusually grouchy about it, it’s because I am deeply dependent on this app for my survival now, and every update seems to have some new setback rolled into it.

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Update: 24 hours into this forced migration my problem with the sluggish, unresponsive interface is even worse. The app is nearly unusable on my M1 iPad Pro. Seriously, people use this app to make a living. Before you roll new features out that you intend to force people into using, make REALLY certain they don’t impact the usability of the app. I can’t imagine you didn’t expect a lot of people not to be ok with the forced move from iCloud. Where we store our stuff is a personal decision, and one we don’t take lightly. What made you think that you could just make it for us? I’m clear that it’s part of your new app roll out, but forcing us off of iCloud is seriously going to make a significant number of people opt out of this app altogether. How would you not know that? You want to force us to have to trust an unproven cloud storage solution to keep our work safe? We should be given more options over time, not less.


Update: 48 hours into forced migration. Finally bit the bullet and let the app do the full migration, and, to my surprise, it doesn’t preserve the folder structure so critical to my being able to find anything. Seriously?! Do you guys realize people use your app for important work? That’s what you wanted, right? How hard is it to move things over in the same folder structure that exists on iCloud. Never have I had an important piece of software force me to comply with their plan for upgrading their commercial offerings by forcing me to completely change how and where I store critical files, and, in the process, completely destroy my efforts at organizing the hundreds of files I use to make a living. I’m going to choose an alternative to Curve and start training myself on its use. This is too much. To say that this migration has cost me hours, if not days of work, is an understatement. I have no doubt I’m talking to the wind right now and nobody will be reading this, but it needed to be said. You could have done a much better job with this process, and what I’ve seen over the last year is that very little care is taken in making sure your updates don’t completely disrupt your users ability to use the software.

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I just read a post where one of your customers expressed a concern about intellectual property theft (basically that Linearity is forcing the migration of all users files to their cloud for the purposes of training ai on them.) and the response to the concern was snippy and basically amounted to “watch your mouth, there are 80 people here trying to make a living!” When the user said he was done with the draconian tactic of forcing users to store their work on their servers rather than apple’s, the respondent went on to say, basically, “if you feel like you need to go, nothing we can do.” Where I come from we have a similar response that goes, “don’t let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out!” Basically did nothing to address the 100% legitimate concern about property theft, and was so triggered about the accusation did nothing to recover the business he was about to lose. A support forum is for customers to express their frustrations, not for the company to shame them for doing so.

So, the app is unusable because the grid size now defaults to .01 if you make any change at all then resists you attempting to make any further change. And nobody thought to check this before you rolled out this epic failure of an update? Today is my “go live” with a digital product I designed using this app. A year of work. Well, it would be if I were able to make last minute changes to components of it, but I can’t. I can’t even find some of the files, because the folder structure is gone gone gone. But in the ones I can, the .01 grid size removes any possibility of me making edits. This update has now cost me money! So your sensitivity about completely valid concerns being expressed is something you should save for your coworkers. Fix these issues. This whole thing has caused me a great deal of stress and have prevented me PERMANENTLY from being able to quickly access my work because I can’t edit the file structure without being able to access it in the files app. Since your interface is a meager file manager at best, and my files aren’t on my device anymore, I just get to accept this. To say that I am pissed would amount to understatement in the extreme. What could you have been thinking with this? This is not the fault of the 80 people working hard, it’s the fault of their leadership team who devised this process and failed their staff by having them create an update they will have to revise to a significant degree. Do better.

Hi @mattsrn sorry for the delay on this. We are aware of some performance issues but we were trying to see if we can isolate your specific issue. I will be updating you as soon as I know more.

Regarding foldering, naming and organising, they are indeed not there as of yet but we will be introducing a plethora of those fairly soon! My apologies on that.

Lastly, I’d like to touch upon your frustration. I completely understand how you might be feeling rather angry. My statements had no ulterior meanings and merely stating facts. This indeed is a support forum, and if you go back to previous threads, we got back to every single one of them so I do believe it’s living up to its main purpose.

Finally, unfortunately for things that are already decided and happened, I don’t have the ability to reverse that. As a result, I can’t go ahead and make any promises just for the sake of addressing it but rather share what’s the current situation. I hope you understand that.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and your views on the situation.

I appreciate your response. I remain frustrated at the loss of my folders. I really wouldn’t care about your cloud solution if I could still reliably find any of the 100’s of files I had neatly organized, but are now saved individually with no organization at all. I absolutely understand you didn’t intend to destroy all of our hard work. If I sound crabby it’s because I don’t relish the idea at trying to organize these when I can no longer access the file system through the files app. I’ll take the weekend to grieve the loss of al, that work and then get on with it. One suggestion, rather than the little surveys you have us do that ask the questions you want to know about your product, maybe do some that ask us which existing features we depend on to be able to work so you know in advance that they should be preserved. I love this app, but this roll-out….ugh….so much work just gone.

Hey @mattsrn thank you and I completely understand how you must be feeling. For that, I’m very sorry that I cannot do much to remedy the situation. Rest assured your feedback is with the team.

In terms of performance, I know 5.2.3 has been proven to be better. Can you confirm if after 5.2.3 performance is still the same?

Hey @Medet. I don’t know if you are real or a bot. But I have read the forum crosswise… and find your posts quite often. Content: always an apology, followed by understanding with a final promise to improve. And then Linearity just produces what they want!

So here’s an idea from me: just tell the users the truth. It doesn’t matter what users do, Linearity knows better. Example: folder structure. It doesn’t care what users don’t want or need, Linearity knows better. Example: conditional cloud. Also the quality of the product doesn’t matter, Linearity knows better. Example: Latency to update a “crash version”.

I think it’s nice that something like this still exists, an app for its own purpose…

Hi @yes.nocloud I absolutely can confirm that I am not a bot. :slight_smile: Never have I been called out to be a bot in my over a decade long career. Feel free to look me up in whichever platform you like.

Of course I’d be apologetic and of course I’d respond with the knowledge at my disposal. That is my duty as the community manager. I don’t recall promising a reverse of actions on Linearity Cloud but more promising we take these in and can now confirm we are looking to give a more solid statement to prevent misunderstandings as well as showing that we do listen and action.