Linearity Cloud

Today I updated the curve application, at first nothing appeared on the screen, after three restarts the initial screen appeared, I migrated a couple of drawings to Linearity cloud and it started working fine, then I migrated all my drawings (about 200) to Linearity Cloud and from that moment on it was almost impossible to use the application.
Apparently just as it did before with iCloud (the application became slow) with so much drawing the synchronization collapses.
When I open any drawing I feel the sensation that behind it it is doing something, uploading information or a thread.
If I open a local drawing, it immediately uploads it to Linearity cloud and leaves me with several copies of the same drawing, even if I don’t modify the drawing, it does the same.
Anyone with the same problem?
Is there a way to delete the uploaded drawings all at once? since I had my drawings organized by folders, but when I migrated the program it uploaded all the drawings separately, all together without creating the folders.
Maybe the app don’t finish all the sync progress and is working background.
I will let the ipad turned on a couple of hours.
Sorry for my English, I am native Spanish.

Hey @Jaimemv thank you for the detailed message and we’re very sorry you’ve been having problems with Linearity Cloud.

At the moment we don’t see any performance issue during migration, regardless of the amount of files. However, we are still looking into this to see what can be improved. In the meantime, I can suggest file by file migration, or smaller groups to see if that helps.

For the login issue, we are investigating and hoping to resolve this swiftly.

Lastly, about the multiple copies, as long as you open the file from Linearity Cloud, it should remain synced. Could it be that you might have opened the local file and it tried to sync?

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thank you very much, I was very worried about not being able to access my drawings.
Finally what I did was delete all the drawings I uploaded, and I started uploading them one by one and exporting them as SVG. Take advantage of deleting copies, duplicates and things of little value. There were 125 left in use, which is already less. I am in test mode with Affinity Designer 2, and it works very smoothly and fast, which indicates that my iPad pro is working well. Vector continues to be slow and as if it were busy, when opening the editor and drawing it behaves well. I really like this application, it is quick to draw and at the same time very complete, I hope this is resolved so I don’t have to put it aside.

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