Imported svg file is black

Is there a simple fix or solution to the reason why when I import an svg file the whole file shows as black. This started happening the last month or so. Previously the file would import exactly as it looked with multiple layers and colours.

I’m fairly new to using curve and am using it from my iPad.


Hello @Jwolo welcome to the Linearity Community! I’m sorry to hear this is getting in the way.

I can confirm that we are aware of the problem and we have started looking into it. I’m hopeful we will be able to resolve this in the coming weeks. However, if you can upload the affected file on here, that’d greatly help the team reproducing the problem.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Oh boy, weeks to solve?! Is there no workaround?

I cannot provide the file as I am not the original artist, I purchased from a designer and I use Curve to add shadows so i can print for my artwork.

You so quickly replied to my initial post with what appears to be a standard response to everyone and then disappeared.

Why is the fix which has been an issue for several months only just now being worked on with a drawn out solution? This seems like poor support which appears to have come about since the App transitioned to Linearity…

How is there no workaround or priority on key and basic import functionality of an app?

I apologise for the delay. My main responsibility is not Forum so my responses are sometimes delayed. Rest assured we have a lovely Customer Success Manager who will take over all things.

As for your frustration, I understand but we are not able to provide direct and quick fixes but only log things and get to them when we can. We are a small team and things take longer than usual. As it stands, we have picked this up but I can’t promise any timelines just yet.

could be a tip: hide the bottom layer in the list, the bounding box may have been interpreted incorrectly. or select the document “1”, at the top of the layer list, and switch off a background color if necessary.

only as a remark and without wanting to rate you: if you are not the right person to talk to, why do i see your portrait in every post?

in your company-about I see many Cxx and VP’s and you indicate that in this case the Customer Success Manager takes care of it?
isn’t there just a simple supporter from first level support who can answer this, because he knows what to do, because that’s his job? so not a Cxx, not a VP and not a manager… someone who can do what?
… at least that’s how i know it from many other companies, the ones who really know what to do are the ones without a title, mostly 1st or 2nd level support, at most team lead some few.

just trying to understand the processes and priorities in your company

I serve as the bridge between the team and the users and Forum is one of those platforms. We do have a dedicated support team but a shift in team members meant I was looking after the Forum while our newly dedicated person started. Previously we had other community managers tending to the Forum and we are now allocating someone dedicated for this. Hope this brings more clarity.

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately, it doesn’t solve my issue which is that all the layers come in black. the files are fully coloured in their SVG file and then in curve all the layers are black.

It’s difficult for me to believe that an application which functioned flawlessly a few months ago before the changes is now experiencing numerous problems, and the solutions are not being provided in a timely manner. It appears that something has gone wrong.

since the 5.2 update, there has been at least one update on average every week. the store does not describe what it is, you can only guess.
but it shows that short-term updates are possible, it just depends on what the focus is. svg background? :innocent:

perhaps also a solution:

  • open the file with inkscape, is it displayed correctly?
  • save the file in copy as plain svg and open the file with vectornator, is the file now displayed correctly?
  • you can still try this with as optimized svg file

this has sometimes helped me, as inkscape handles svg very exactly.

now they are all working on this