With Curve, is there any way to export the SVG files that were completed prior to it costing money?

Hi. Title is basically it. This is on iPad but I was also using the Mac app, unfortunately the Mac app won’t let me open any file at all, saying they’re incompatible or something along those lines.

I was able to move 70% of it but went back to do the rest and I’m unable. Thanks in advance! (I really miss this app and linearity has made a grave mistake. Around the launch of a new product, too! I was looking forward to trying Move :cry:)

On a side note, if anyone can recommend a tutorial or series of tutorials for AD2 that are aimed at people coming over from Curve.

Hey @CapnFlags, could you please let us know which version of the Mac application you’re using and the exact error message you see? Could you please also share any screenshot? We hope to find a working solution for you.