Import SVG problem

Hello, yesterday I tried to import a standard SVG and noticed that curve does not attach the images that the SVG has.
At first I thought it was exported badly, but on my Macbook the preview shows the SVG file with the images, but Curve does not. The same thing happens on the iPad, I don’t have another application to check if the images are there or not. But in the other application where I drew it they are there. I don’t know if is other app export problem.
The export from curve to SVG works well, it includes the photos and in another vector application everything is displayed very well.
All this with the intention of using an alternative application while Linearity manage to improve curve to be able me to work with it again.
PS: On my Macbook M1 it also slows down a lot due to the Linearity cloud issue that apparently takes a lot of work from the application.
This application is very good, I hope they can solve it soon.

Hey @Jaimemv thank you for the submission and suggestion. It does sound a bit frustrating so I do apologise for that.

Do you by any chance have a sample file for us to check so that we can hopefully help you further?

Hello, yes of course, I sent you the live file, tell me which way I sent it please, I’m interested in knowing how to resolve this.

Hi @Jaimemv you can attach it directly here. Let me know if it works!
Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 10.30.14

Sap (2.2 MB)

Hello! I exported that drawing from curve to Designer, edited it and exported it back to curve, to check if I can transfer the drawings I made in designer to curve later.

Sap v1 (4.7 MB)

This is the original file created complete in curve.