File format conversion - to an open format

Curve’s cloud obligation is forcing me and others to migrate to a competitor.
Now the question is how to get the created files converted to an open format (EPS, SVG, AI, DXF, IGES, STEP, …).

Any tips? Since the “” can no longer be trusted, this is not part of the solution!


The .vectornator/.curve file format is just a zip file with some JSON, it’s fairly easy to open. Conversion on the other hand is very annoying to do. If you want to convert your documents, you’ll need to use Curve. I would recommend either:
a) Create a temporary account in Curve using dummy data, then once signed in block all application network traffic using the Lulu firewall application
b) Ask around on the forum for version 5.1 (some users have time machine backups) which doesn’t include cloud functionality.

Both of these require a Mac. If on iPad you’d need to disconnect from the internet and then delete the app before reconnecting.


Hi @llui85 , thanks for support! With your post, you have done much more than Linearity by showing the way to proceed.

But you will agree with me when I say: but the extra work because of a stupid idea of Linearity still stays on me. And first I have to find a friendly App-Spender. :wink:

Thank you for helping!!! I’m trying to find another vector app for iPad. Haven’t found which one yet, but trying to learn the different ones and figure out how to get my files over.
I’m not a computer expert in any means, but is it possible that you can guide me true it?

There are other vector apps out there, but given this is the Linearity forum, it’s probably not too appropriate to discuss that topic in this space.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am looking at other apps, but there was help migrate my work I needed. :blush: But it seems I have to tolerate that my work get in the cloud and then export it.

@Therese : the cloud-account-solution should be your last option!

just to clarify the effort:

  • do you have a macOS computer next to the ipad?
  • ever transfer files between mac/ipad? how?
  • do you maintain your macOS machine or does someone do it for you?

I am also interested in this!
macos, mini&air
yes, wired/finder
i do, why is this important

  • do you have a macOS computer next to the ipad? Just iPad

  • ever transfer files between mac/ipad? how? no. But to exstern harddisk if that help

  • do you maintain your macOS machine or does someone do it for you? I only use ipad

just iPad, sorry, for the processing steps I know you need a macOS machine. now the instructions are getting too long, because they now start with: looking for a friend/colleague with mac - hope others will help you more successfully